Our Story

Stripe 3 was founded by Anna and Kevin Lee in 1985 with a passion for sport, team, and community. We are committed to making a positive impact on our customers through fitness and wellness, and we take pride in getting to know them by learning their stories and inspirations. 


We are also passionate about our environment, which is why we're committed to promoting sustainable products and practices. In order to end plastic waste and reduce carbon emissions, most of our newest products are made from recycled polyester. By choosing these products, customers can in turn reduce their own impact on the environment! 

Being one of the largest Adidas team dealers in the country, we specialize in both individuals and teams. All of our teams, coaches, players and families have become part of our Stripe 3 community whether in our town, county, state, or somewhere else in our United States. Whether you're a long-time athlete or you're just beginning your fitness journey, we are here for all of your fitness needs, and we invite you to join our family.